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Hello, and welcome to audreyduke, a community dedicated to the shipping of Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) and Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour), of Syfy's Haven. Here, you will we be able to post anything related to the characters, and relationship, between Audrey and Duke. Have any questions? Just ask!

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[1] No bashing! Differing opinions is fine, of course, but give them in a constructive/polite manner, please.

[2] Any posts made have to be related to Duke, Audrey, Eric, Emily, or Haven.

[3] Things needing to go behind an lj-cut: anything containing spoilers &please state that there are spoilers, large graphics, fanfiction and any long posts.

[4] If you are posting icons, show no more than three previews of them, the rest are to be linked to the post itself.

[5] If you're posting fanfic then please use this format, or something similar to this:

[6] Lastly, tags are your friend! If you feel a tag should be added, please contact a mod/comment here

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